Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Satellite Technology to be used for Crop and Drought Assessment

The Mahalanobis National Crop Forecast Centre has been set up with a view to prepare multiple in-season crop forecasts by using temporal satellite imageries and in-situ as well as satellite based weather data. These forecasts will act as inputs to be used along with econometric & agro-meteorological parameters and ground observations to make estimates of area and yield of selected crops.

The Centre will also use Remote Sensing techniques to monitor and assess the drought situation in the country at National/State/District level.

Methodologies for crop forecast and drought assessment developed by ISRO for selected crops and States are being transferred to the new Centre. The forecasts made in the Centre would help the Government in assessing foodgrains requirements in the country much in advance and taking quick decisions on procurement strategy and imports/exports of the commodities.