Monday, November 8, 2010


1. The book, “Keeping the Faith”, is written by which of the following authors?
a. Somnath Chatterji
b. Ram Jethmalani
c. Salman Rushdie
d. None of these

2. Dronacharya Award is an award presented by the government of India for excellence in sports coaching.. Which of the following personalities is heading the panel to pick the Dronacharya Awards 2010?
a. Ashok Kumar
b. Jaspal Rana
c. M. S. Gill
d. None of these

3. Which country is hosting the World Billiards Chamionship 2010?
a. Japan
b. Australia
c. Netherland
d. India

4. The Legatum Prosperity Index is the world's only global assessment of wealth and well being. What rank does India posses in the Legatum Prosperity Index ranking 2009?
a. 45th rank
b. 40th rank
c. 30th rank
d. 50th rank

5. In 2009, what rank does India posses in the Per Capita GDP ranking among the 104 countries?
a. 100th
b. 25th
c. 83rd
d. 99th

6. Which state in India added another feather in its cap to emerge as a steel manufacturing hub? It has serving the market of Japan, South Korea, Pakistan, Turkey and the UAE.
a. Karnataka
b. Tamil Nadu
c. Bihar
d. Rajasthan

7. Who has been awarded the 3rd M.S.Swaminathan 'Best Agricultural Scientist Award'?
a. Dr. Subramaniam Nagarajan
b. Robert Burns
c. A. K. Stevenson
d. Robert Barclay

8. This bank became a Scheduled Bank under the Reserve Bank of India Act on May 11, 1935. It recently celebrated its 89th Founder's Day. Can you name it?
a. Tamilnad Mercantile Bank
b. Royal Bank of Scotland
c. Bank of Baroda
d. None of these

9. School of Engineering and Applied Science of the University of Pennsylvania conferred this personality with the Dean's medal. He has topped Forbes India's rich list at $32 billion. Identify.
a. Mukesh Ambani
b. Ratan Tata
c. Rahul Bajaj
d. Azim Premji

10. Which of the following country is the fi rst in Asia to host Embraer's small jet, The Phenom 100, a light jet developed by Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer?
a. India
b. Singapore
c. Russia
d. Australia

11. In a bid to provide employment to youth of Southern origin Sidi community, which IT major is all set to help create 'Little Africa' in Gujarat on the borders of Gir forest?
a. HCL
b. IBM
c. Wipro
d. Infosys

12. Which of the following is the largest gland in the human body?
a. Liver
b. Adrenal
c. Pituitary
d. Thymus

13. Women's tournament "Kremlin Cup", the successor of "Moscow Ladies Open", was renamed in 1996. Who has won the women's fi nal at the Kremlin Cup 2010?
a. Francesca Schiavone
b. Serena Williams
c. Katrina Adams
d. Elena Baltacha

14. Althingi is the parliament of which of the following countries?
a. Iceland
b. Canada
c. Brazil
d. Bhutan

15. Oceansat-2 is an Indian satellite designed to provide service continuity for operational users of the Ocean Colour Monitor (OCM) instrument on Oceansat-1. NASA signed an agreement with which of the following organisations for the use of the satellite oceansat-2?
b. European Space
c. Czech Space office
d. None of these

16. ISRO recently launched a spy satellite designed by the Israeli Aerospace Industries. Name it.
a. RISAT-2
c. Cartosat 1
d. Cartosat 2A

17. “Mission Aditya” is associated with which of the following?
a. A ISRO mission to the sun
b. A ISRO mission to the moon
c. A military operation
d. None of these
18. Which company launched a Cell phone Made From Recycled Water Bottles?
a. Motorola
b. Nokia
c. HTC
d. Samsung

19. The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is a cartel of twelve countries, which hosts regular meetings among the oil ministers of its Member Countries. In which city will you fi nd the headquarters of OPEC?
a. Vienna
b. Geneva
c. Vatican
d. London

20. Who is the chairman of TRAI, the regulator of telecommunicationbusiness?
a. J. S. Sharma
b. J. K. Sharma
c. P. S. Sharma
d. None of these

21. Who is the chief of integrated defense staff?
a. Air Marshal Suresh Chand Mukul
b. General V K Singh
c. Admiral Verma
d. Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston

22. Who is the President of Iraq?
a. Jalal Talabani
b. Jalal Hanid
c. Hamid Ullah
d. Zafar Mohammad

23. Name the oil Rig that is the cause of Oil spill in Gulf of mexico?
a. Deep water Horizon
b. Schoonebeek
c. Zuidwal
d. Vulcan

24. What is the amount that BP will pay as compensation?
a. $20 Billion
b. $30 Billion
c. $18 Billion
d. None of these

25. Who, amongst the following, made the symbol of rupee?
a. D Udaya Kumar
b. Udaya Kumar
c. Udaya Raj
d. Shankar Kumar

26. Which of the following is TRUE about the per capita income?
a. National income divided by the population of the country
b. Average income received by the citizen of a country in a year
c. It is the indicator of the improvement in the economic position of a person
d. All of the above are true

27. Ben Bernanke is the present chairman of …
a. Federal Reserve Bank of America
b. European Central Bank
c. World Bank
d. Asian Development Bank

28. Can you identify the venue of the World Food Summit that took place in the middle of November 2009, from the given options?
a. Berlin
b. Geneva
c. Rome
d. London

29. Also known as the Bible of the English Constitution, Magna Carta, was the Charter of Rights given to the Englishman by …
a. King John
b. King Richard
c. King Edmund
d. None of these

30. Diware temples are linked with…
a. Hinduism
b. Buddhism
c. Jainism
d. Sikhism

31. Which of the following represents the present strength of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)?
a. 21
b. 24
c. 26
d. 28

32. Can you name the academy that the Council for Scientifi c and Industrial Research is going to start, which will award post graduate and doctoral degrees?
a. Academy of Scientifi c and Innovative Research
b. Academy of Innovative Research
c. Institute of Scientific Research
d. None of these

33. Spirit of Laws, is a famous book written by …
a. Voltaire
b. Jean Jacques Rousseau
c. Montesquieu
d. Diderot

34. Who had initiated the World Wide Web project?
a. Tim Berners-Lee and Lew Kowarski
b. Tim Berners-Lee and Georges Charpak
c. Tim Berners-Lee and Carlo Rubbia
d. Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau

35. Zoozoos are the mascots of Vodafone Essar, created by …
a. JWT
b. Trikaya Grey
c. O&M
d. Rediffusion Y&R

36. Who is known as the ‘Little Corporal”?
a. Adolf Hitler
b. Napolean Bonaparte
c. Saddam Hussain
d. None of these

37. We have recently been reading the term Flea Market. Can you select the option that best suits the word?
a. A flea Market is another name for a near perfect competitive market such as a vegetable market
b. A Flea Market is a market where stolen goods are sold and purchased
c. A Flea market is a market where used and old goods are sold and bartered
d. A Flea Market is a market for insecticides

38. Recently which committee has recommended the implementation of Elimination of standard deduction?
a. Abid Hussain Committee
b. Vijay Kelkar Committee
c. Kiran Karnik Committee
d. Raja Chelliah Committee

39. Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has constituted a committee, Takeover Regulations Advisory Committee (TRAC) to review the SEBI (Substantial Acquisition of Shares and Takeovers) Regulations, 1997 (Takeover Regulations) and to suggest suitable recommendations for amendments to the Takeover Regulations as it considers necessary. Can you recognise the chairman of the committee?
a. C Achuthan
b. Deepak Parekh
c. Rangrajan
d. Abid Hussain

40. Tata Power has decided to set up 50 MW solar photovoltaic power project. The intended
project will be the largest solar photovoltaic facility in the country. Can you recognise the
state where it will be set?
a. Maharastra
b. Gujarat
c. Tamilnadu
d. West Bengal

41. As of July 2010, BSNL and MTNL are the largest in terms of "Wire line subscriber base".
Which among the following is currently the third largest company?
a. Bharti
b. Videocon
c. Reliance
d. Vodafone

42. The Hindu Mela or National mela initiated in Calcutta was largely the product of the efforts of …
a. Rajnarayan Basu
b. Dwijendranath Tagore
c. Nabagopal Mitra
d. All of these

43. Free look period is associated with which of the following?
a. Loans
b. Cars
c. Garments
d. Insurance

44. The Four Asian Tigers are the countries with highly developed economies. They are the fi rst newly industrialised countries, noted for maintaining exceptionally high growth rates and
rapid industrialisation between the early 1960s and 1990s. Which among the following country/ regions is not among the "Four Asian Tigers"?
a. Hong Kong
b. Singapore
c. China
d. Taiwan

45. As of August 2010, what is the current number of world heritage sites in India?
a. 26
b. 27
c. 28
d. 29

46. Recently, the Pupils Own Language (POL) Policy made news. It gives the opportunity to the student to study in a language of his choice. Which of the following country has adopted
the POL Policy?
a. China
b. Thaliand
c. Malaysia
d. Singapore

47. Political commentators and journalists uses the term Failed State to describe a state perceived as having failed at some of the basic conditions and responsibilities of a sovereign
government. Which country ranks no. 2 in the latest Failed States Index?
a. Somalia
b. Chad
c. Tanzania
d. Congo

48. A Nobel laureate who authored the controversial work "The Gospel According to Jesus
Christ", died recently. Identify him.
a. Naguib Mahfouz
b. Octavio Paz
c. Joseph Brodsky
d. José Saramago

49. Christ Redeemer has recently been added into the New Seven Wonders of the world. Which country is it located in?
a. Mexico
b. Italy
c. Peru
d. Brazil

50. The following personality was the Director, Human Resources Development in a PSU. He has now become the Chief Managing Director of the same organisation.Name him.


1. a. Somnath Chatterji
2. a. Ashok Kumar
3. c. 71
4. d. India
5. a. 45th rank
6. c. 83rd
7. a. Karnataka
8. a. Dr. Subramaniam Nagarajan
9. a. Tamilnad Mercantile Bank
10. a. Mukesh Ambani
11. a. India
12. b. IBM
13. a. Liver
14. a. Francesca Schiavone
15. a. Iceland
16. a. ISRO
17. a. RISAT-2
18. a. A ISRO mission to the sun
19. a. Motorola
20. a. Vienna
21. a. J S Sharma
22. a. Air Marshal Suresh Chand Mukul
23. a. Jalal Talabani
24. a. Deep water Horizon
25. b. $20 Billion
26. b. D Udaya Kumar
27. b. Average income received by the
citizen of a country in a year
28. a. Federal Reserve Bank of America
29. c. Rome
30. a. King John
31. c. Jainism
32. d. 28
33. a. Academy of Scientifi c and
Innovative Research
34. c. Montesquieu
35. d. Tim Berners-Lee and Robert
36. c. O&M
37. b. O&M
38. c. A Flea market is a market where
used and old goods are sold and
39. b. Vijay Kelkar Committee
40. a. C Achuthan
41. b. Gujarat
42. a. Bharti
43. d. All of these
44. d. Insurance
45. c. China
46. b. 27
47. b. Chad
48. d. José Saramago
49. d. Brazil
50. b. BSNL